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Many campuses. One Ohio State.

新葡萄赌场 When you think of The Ohio State University, think beyond Columbus. Think all of Ohio. With campuses across the state, you’ve got choices. You can start your Ohio State degree on any of our campuses, and no matter which campus you attend, your diploma will read The Ohio State University.

新葡萄赌场The options and benefits are many. You can start on a regional campus and seamlessly transition to the Columbus campus or complete your degree on a different regional campus. And no matter which campus you attend, you’ll enjoy:

  • The ability to start any major Ohio State offers
  • Research opportunities and other experiences — like internships and capstone courses — that help prepare you for your future
  • A close-knit community and an environment where award-winning faculty and staff know you by name
  • Student organizations and the ability to get involved in the programs, passions and causes that matter to you
  • World-class performances, galleries and, of course, our many Buckeye traditions

新葡萄赌场Learn how to become a Buckeye by exploring the campus nearest to where you live.

Across the state

新葡萄赌场As a land-grant university, Ohio State has a physical presence throughout the state, with campuses and research centers located around Ohio.

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